Courses with Heart

Courses with Heart

Creating and launching the heart-centred way

Do you have a course
to share with the world?

Would you like to be guided through it step-by-step?

Would you love to have people THANKING you for your launch?

Courses with Heart:

Creating and launching the heart-centred way

You have an AMAZING idea for an online course. You may have even created it already.

But for some reason... you haven't launched yet...

Or you just can't seem to get the launch to work?

Maybe you’ve been through someone else’s launch, and by the end, you've thought...  “Thank goodness that’s over!”

You don’t want to be THAT PERSON for other people.

You want to create and launch it in a way that is connected, heart-centred, value-packed … AND gets you the sales.


How do you create a course that people will ACTUALLY finish?

Is it really possible to launch and sell courses, without getting pushy and, let’s face it… spammy?

YES it’s possible, and through the Courses with Heart program, I am going to guide you through it, step-by-step.

You're not alone.
I've tried ALL the launches.

My first launch involved me posting on social media TWICE, and sending a single email to my subscribers.

Let’s just say it was a very quiet month for me.

I’ve also tried a big, flashy, formula-based launch – except by the half way point I felt so yuck about it... misaligned with my messaging...

I refused to manipulate my followers using the tactics... I didn't want people buying from a place of fear.

So ... I’ve been there.

I’ve now helped over 300 women to launch online courses, programs, memberships and masterminds.

We’ve had $40k launches, women who’ve had over 40 sales in their FIRST launch, and MANY programs sell out.

… and I would LOVE to help you with your next launch.

Courses with Heart

Pay full price and save
Buy $1,495.00
5-month payment plan - 5x $300 Payment plan - 5 x monthly payments of $300 Buy Now

The thing is...

Other programs will require you to follow an EXACT FORMULA.

Other programs only work if you INVEST THOUSANDS IN ADVERTISING.

Other programs will push you to sell in ways that feel uncomfortable.

But not this program.

What if I told you....

You CAN DO IT your way.

You DON’T need to be pushy, spammy, or aggressive.
You DON’T need to make hundreds of people wish they’d NEVER signed up for your freebie.

There is a SMARTER way to launch.

A connected way to launch.

And a way to create courses that help your CLIENTS achieve results, and reward you beautifully.

My most exciting launches aren't my own - I get SO EXCITED about the results of my clients...

Like Sylvia, who sold 44 spaces on her Become a Money Boss program in the first ever launch.

Or Denise, who SOLD OUT the spaces on her Psychic Connection Package... twice in a row!

Or Jemma, who just wanted FOUR women to join her gorgeous mastermind program, and ended up with ELEVEN applications!

The best part is – with Courses with Heart – we can do it TOGETHER.

Courses with Heart

Pay full price and save
Buy $1,495.00
5-month payment plan - 5x $300 Payment plan - 5 x monthly payments of $300 Buy Now

How it's structured:

Step One: We create your course

Step Two: We plan the launch

Step Three: We prepare your launch and biz

Step Four: We execute the launch

Step Five: We review

How we will do it

Each Chapter contains step-by-step instructional videos to guide you through the process of creating and launching your online course or program.

The videos are simple, straight-forward, and flexible to your style and business.

We get on live calls together twice per month - ask questions, get advice, adjust your plan.

There’s a gorgeous Facebook community just for course participants.

There are some amazing women already waiting to support you and mastermind with you about your course and launch… you don’t have to do this alone!

Your Investment

This isn’t your typical course – whilst the modules are self-study, you WILL NOT be left to your own devices.

You get a lot of time with me – and you stay a member of the program for as long as it exists… so it’s priced accordingly.

Courses with Heart

Pay full price and save
Buy $1,495.00
5-month payment plan - 5x $300 Payment plan - 5 x monthly payments of $300 Buy Now

Terms and conditions

I am SO sure that this program will be an amazing experience for you, that I offer a thirty-day, no questions, no awkies money back guarantee.

You don’t have to show me your HOMEWORK (what are we, eleven?) …

You don’t even need to tell me WHY…

If it’s not the course for you, you can get a full refund within 30 days of the course commencement date.

Your access to the program is valid for as long as the program exists, which is a guaranteed minimum of at least one year from enrolment. All modules are downloadable and yours to keep forever.

There are no guarantees made about future income from your courses and launches. Your results will depend upon a number of factors including your marketing budget, time invested, and more.

Frequently asked questions

Who is this program for?

This program is best suited to service-based entrepreneurs who are ready to add online courses and programs to their product mix, or would like to refine their course creation and launching processes.

If you want to sell online courses, programs, memberships, masterminds or information products, this program will assist you in the development and launching of these types of products.

I don’t have much money… should I join this?

It is your responsibility to make a decision about whether this investment is right for you. If you are launching for the first time, the program teaches a model of launching that does not require investment in advertising or marketing.

You will be able to execute the launch process with little to no further expenses. However, if you wish to expand your launch results dramatically, there are recommendations for investment in Facebook marketing, with a budget of at least $500, growing to thousands when you have proven your launch messaging and audiences.

You can continue to launch with no spending on advertising, but this may limit the growth of your launch results.

I’m not quite ready… what should I do now?

Check out the Create and Launch your Online Course program – it’s free of charge and can help you prepare. You can join this program in any of our launch periods, which will happen twice per calendar year.

The price of the program will increase to $1997 AUD in 2018, so if you’d prefer to lock in your enrolment at the current price, you are welcome to join and wait until a later date before commencing the program.

What if I don’t like it?

As per the terms and conditions, if at any time in the first thirty days of the program you’re not loving it, you can get in touch at and request a full refund.

You will not be asked to provide a reason or evidence of completing the modules. You will be removed from the program, and your money refunded within 14 days. No awkies and no dramas.

How much time do I get with you?

As this is a group program, there is no guarantee of 1:1 time with Tash Corbin as the course provider. However, group calls will be run live twice per month, and you will be able to attend as many calls as you like.

Participants in the live calls will be asked to queue to ask questions and discuss their progress, and these will be addressed in order of request. All live calls are recorded and made available to participants.

 You can also ask questions at any time in the Facebook Community, and I aim to answer all questions (if they aren’t answered by our amazing community first!)

So – are you ready to create and launch your course… with HEART?!?!

Courses with Heart

Pay full price and save
Buy $1,495.00
5-month payment plan - 5x $300 Payment plan - 5 x monthly payments of $300 Buy Now