Get with the PROGRAM

Get with the Program

Create your gorgeous, connected online course

If you want to create and sell an online course...

One that ACTUALLY helps people.
One that won't take 6 months to build and thousands to market.
One that BUILDS your business...
...and you DO NOT want to get all aggressive and pushy... and you DEFINITELY don't want to derail your existing business.


Not only will you create your online course and have it READY for launch...
including a fab launch plan...
You'll do it in a way that is FUN, FAST and CONNECTED.
Because you'll be supported by Tash Corbin - through the whole process.

This GORGEOUS online program will guide you through, step-by-step to create a gorgeous, connected, beautiful online course that is aligned with your message, your values, your brand and your BUSINESS.

Forget creating gigantic programs that don't sell.

Or worse - that DO sell but don't ACHIEVE anything for your clients!!

This program will guide you through the process of creating a connected, gorgeous online program that works for your clients, and works for YOU.

You prepare your messaging and marketing for launch, as well as launch plan.

AND importantly, you ensure that you, your business AND your course are ready for launch.


And until 31 March 2018 it's just $195 AUD.

DELIVERY: The course includes 5 video modules with accompanying workbooks, plus 5 LIVE CALLS - every Monday from 26th March 2018

These calls will be held Mondays at 4pm AEST.

PLUS we have a gorgeous Facebook community in which you can access feedback, support, share your program, and ask Tash questions at any time.

The group will remain open until 31st May 2018.


Commencing MONDAY 26 March!

Weekly LIVE Calls - 4pm AEST Mondays for FIVE WEEKS!

We will have an EXTRA focus on MEMBERSHIPS for this live round as well - so if a membership is the thing you want to build, then THIS is the program to join!!!!

Are you READY?

Let's create your LEVERAGE!

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You know those courses that you buy...
and then you get overwhelmed...
and then they tell you that there are eleventy billion steps...

So then you don't actually DO the thing?

Yeah that's not this course:

I wanted to share my ah ha.

I didn't realise how much pressure I was putting on myself to develop the "perfect" package with all the bells and whistles in one go. And the reminder that this is a practice and to have fun really helps to keep this light! Thanks Tash Corbin!
Linda Emslie Transformation and Wellbeing Specialist,
I did it! OMG I am launching and it feels soooo goooood!! It has taken two years to get to this place of elation!

And to be honest, without doing this program, it may still be going in circles and floating around. So thank you Natasha Corbin - I am so glad I found you! You are freakin GOLD Lady!!
Shonah Belvedere Intertior Designer,
I've done GWTP twice, and both times have been amaaaaaaazing! The first time I did the program in 2016, I was working full time in a day job and I still created and launched an online leveraged program after only 2 modules! That demonstrates how jam packed the modules and live calls are. The second time was in 2017 after getting into my biz full time and the progres I made was incredible. I was able to re-launch a program, tweak and modify it, and knowing I had Tash's support when I needed it ensured that I took the action needed to get it done.
Chenae Carey Facebook Content and Confidence Coach,

Ready to join?

Participants have created and launched AMAZING online courses... over and over again.

Buy now for just $195 - LIMITED TIME!