Lean Start-Up School - with Tash Corbin

Lean Start-Up School

Build a beautiful heart-centred business lean and fast!

Are you READY to create a gorgeous, heart-centred business?

Are you DONE with being told you need to spend $10k and buy all the bells and whistles to make it work?

I'm Tash Corbin, and I am a LEAN Start-Up specialist.

I help gorgeous women, just like you, to create an amazing business WITHOUT spending an arm and a leg before you've made any money.

I'm PASSIONATE about ending this online phenomenon of women creating businesses, but never cutting a profit.

It's the #pinkghetto and it's gotta go.

You don't need a website.

You don't need a logo.

You don't need business cards.

You DEFINITELY don't need SEO.

You also don't need to pay a coach $10,000 so they can tell you the SAME STUFF they tell every other person.

You need to create YOUR unique business.

And you need to do it LEAN.

It's not just cheaper, it's SMART BUSINESS.

Ready to get those clients in the door WITHOUT spending a fortune?

Lean Start-Up School is closing on 28th Feb 2018... and until then, you can join for FREE!

I'm ready

In Lean Start-Up School, you get:

The Lean Start-Up School training - 90 minutes

A bonus on how to work out what to do NEXT

Another great bonus - "If I had my time again"

A FREE pop-up Facebook community to connect, support and ask questions at ANY time

LIVE calls on 19th, 21st and 23rd February 2018

Connect with over 1000 other women - grow your network!